Last Sunday in Arizona

Sunday June 28th 2020

The temperature peaked around ninety today, but the cooler temperature came at a cost. It was a very windy day. My RV home was rocking in the howling wind all day. As the sun set in the evening the ferocity of the wind let up a little, but it was still breezy.

My RV home alone in the desert

This is my last full day at Homolovi State Park. It is also my last full day in Arizona. I’m only leaving the state about two months later than I’d planned and via an entirely different route. Such are the ways of plans in our Covid infected world.

I like Arizona. It’s a nice place to visit with lots of things to see. I much prefer visiting in the fall and winter months. The late spring and summer temperatures are out of this world hot. I’ve been out the Phoenix area for over a month trying to stay ahead of the heat by gaining altitude. The high temperatures in the Winslow area are about fifteen degrees cooler than Phoenix, but it is still hot.

Last sunset in Arizona.

I got many of the travel preparation tasks completed today. Tomorrow I have about one hundred and eighty miles to travel. I’m heading east to Grants New Mexico. Crossing into New Mexico I lose an hour. The time zone doesn’t change but New Mexico follows daylight savings time and Arizona doesn’t. It will likely be a little over three hours of travel, but four hours on the clock.

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