Slow Saturday

Saturday June 27th 2020

Today was a do nothing kind of day. It wasn’t until I couldn’t find the morning news programs on TV that I realized the weekend had arrived. Even my cell phone wanted to take the weekend off. The battery had run down overnight because the charge cable wasn’t connected correctly.

The weather was nice today. It was partly cloudy with a good breeze out of the southwest. The temperature was in the mid nineties during the afternoon hours. Tomorrow and Monday are forecast to have more clouds and more wind. Since Monday is a travel day for me, I shouldn’t be surprised. For some reason, lately it seems to be windy on every travel day.

This was a slow potpourri kind of day. I did a few chores, watched some TV, researched more travel options and took a couple of walks around the park. Overall nothing to write a blog entry about. This is one of those nights that my commitment to writing a blog entry every day is a real challenge, but if I miss a night I might form a bad habit.

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