Travel Day to Winslow Arizona

Monday June 15th 2020

After a week in Holbrook AZ, today was moving day. I relocated to the Homolovi State Park outside Winslow AZ. This park is actually thirty five miles in the wrong direction. When I made the reservation New Mexico was just beginning to open up. I chose to spend an additional two weeks in an Arizona State Park.

I departed the Holbrook KOA just before the 11AM checkout time. The wind heading west on Interstate 40 was very strong out of the southwest. It is a good thing I only had a short distance to travel. Wind hitting either of the front corners of the RV is a real fight with the steering wheel. I went an extra exit west into Winslow to top off the gas tank. It was primarily to kill time, but it will save me a fuel stop when I leave. I got to the Homolovi State Park before the noon checkout time. Luckily my site was available.

Site 52 at the Homolovi State Park.

The campground is located in open high desert land near the Little Colorado River. Very few of the little more than fifty sites are occupied. My site is on higher ground with a couple of little shade trees and view for miles. The wind blew very strong all afternoon. Toward evening a dust cloud or possible smoke from the forest fires in the Tonto National Forest to the south was visible off to the southeast. This is going to be an interesting location for the next two weeks. I expect lots of sun and lots of wind.

Side view of my RV home at the Homolovi State Park campground.

1 thought on “Travel Day to Winslow Arizona

  1. Stay safe and wear masks please for the smoke particulates. My friend lives in Oro Valley and the fire in the Catalina Mts is robust. I don’t know exactly where you are but if the wind is blowing from that towards you …… Anyway, stay well! Sending hugs from a distance. Sent from my iPhone


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