Another Visit to the Petrified Forest National Park

Sunday June 14th 2020

The wind today was a little weaker than yesterday. The temperature peaked in the low nineties with very few clouds in the sky.

I returned to the Petrified Forest National Park today. I passed through the northern area of the park that I visited last Wednesday and started touring in the area to the south. This part of the park I remembered a little better than the northern part from my visit in the fall of 2017. Standing at the high overlooks and walking the trails was difficult in the wind. It is hard to imagine how bad it must have been during yesterday’s stronger winds.

Most of my time in the park was spent hiking the Crystal Forest loop trail. The area is covered with pieces of petrified wood from a rain forest 225 million years ago. This area of land was near the equator before continental drift brought it to this latitude. There are some impressive specimens to see. Some are still in long logs and other pieces have cracked off into prefect slices. The color of the quartz in the petrified wood is dramatic. Here are a few of the many pictures I took today.

Back at the RV park in the afternoon, I started to get ready for a travel day tomorrow. I’m not going far, but I still have to pack up the weeks worth of clutter I produce living in the RV.

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