Getting Settled and a Little Grocery Shopping

Tuesday June 16th 2020

The wind kept the temperature today, but walking and driving were a challenge. By eight this morning the wind was building from the southwest. As the day went on it continued to get stronger until night fall. Once the sun passed the horizon the wind seem to disappear with it. Hopefully it doesn’t come back as strong tomorrow.

Blossom of the day.

I got the last couple of camp setup tasks completed this morning. The bike is off the car and the rack is safely stored under my RV home. My Honda CR-V is now in touring mode. First up was a run to the local Walmart for groceries.

Walmart is my store of choice for two reasons. The primary reason is they are all over the place with a fairly consistent layout. The second reason is the prices are OK without the need to have a frequent shopper card. Today I visited a medium sized Walmart that broke the consistent layout advantage. Possibly because of limited space products were often found on aisle caps or in other featured display areas. Instead of being able to get in and quickly get what I needed, I found myself going up and down aisles and generally wandering around the store.

This Walmart was taking “social distancing” a little more seriously than the last two I’ve visited since the start of the pandemic. At the entrance a pair of greeters were wiping down carts and only allowing one customer group at a time to enter and pick up a cart. Only after the party enters the store could the next customer pickup a cart. They also reminded everybody about keeping your distance from other customers. The majority of customers were wearing masks, but they still didn’t follow the one way arrows.

I don’t consider Walmart a high risk of infection type place, but it is one of the riskiest places I’m likely to visit. I’m not going to areas with big crowds, restaurants or bars. Whenever possible I’m not visiting indoor places at all. I’m viewing Walmart as a microcosm of the local area. This area seems to be more virus aware than others. The fact that it is located on the edge of the Navajo Indian Nation that has suffered heavily from the virus is probably the reason.

Smoke on the southern horizon.

Again this evening the smoke from the forest fire in the Tonto National Forest was visible on the southern horizon. The smoke is probably thirty miles away and the wind is carrying it more westerly toward New Mexico. The actual fire is much closer to Phoenix than here. I’d guess it is about 100 miles south and a little west of here. The fire called the Bush fire is currently the largest forest fire in the country and is zero percent contained at this time.

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