A Very Windy Day

Saturday June 13th 2020

The day began as a bright sunny day, but it didn’t last long. The wind picked up out of the southwest and clouds started to appear in the sky. Soon the wind was steady at twenty or more miles an hour. Gusts in the area were recorded in access of 40mph.

Facing into the wind

My plan was to return to the Petrified Forest National Park today. The wind caused me to reconsider the plan. It was hard to walk outside in the wind. There is very little high ground for many miles to slow the strength of the wind. The high desert in this region is very flat. The low humidity, high wind and warm temperatures have raised the fire danger to extreme. To the south of here a number of fires are currently burning. Tomorrow is forecast to be a little less windy, so I’ll try to go back the National Park then.

This became a this and that kind of day. I watched some TV, accomplished a few outstanding tasks and did a little more travel research. It’s time to figure out where I’ll be in July and August.

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