A Small Flood

Friday June 12th 2020

Today was a little warmer and a lot windier than yesterday. The temperature peaked in the low to mid nineties and the wind blew strong out of the south. Tomorrow is forecast to have even stronger winds, but some cloud cover that should keep the temperature down a little.

The water supply to my campsite is not great. The pressure and the rate of flow are very low. To compensate for this I’ve been using my internal water tank and demand pump. I needed to add water to the tank this morning. It is simple matter of turning a valve and making sure the water from the campground is turned on. I did exactly that this morning then went back inside my RV home with the intent of turning it off in a few minutes. The water’s rate of flow was so slow that I couldn’t even here it from inside like usual. I soon got involved with other things and forgot about the water filling the tank.

Some time later, I’d guess about an hour, my neighbor came to my door and informed me that I had water overflowing out of my RV. Sure enough water was running out of several places on the passengers side of my RV home. After shutting everything down and relieving the pressure in the tank I started to survey the damage. Most of the water went out the overflow and down the side of the RV as expected, but some of the water got caught on seems and cracks and flowed back into the basement of the RV.

I spent the rest of the day removing damp or wet items from the basement. I spread them out in the sun to dry. None of the contents were ruined or damaged. The basement bay doors stayed open to dry the compartments after I sponged them dry. It was looking pretty good as evening arrived. I’ll open everything up again tomorrow morning when the sun is aimed right at the passengers side of my RV home. Hopefully, the heat and very good desert drying conditions will get everything dried out.

One other time I overfilled the tank, but that time it was only by a minute or two. This time I’m not sure how long it was overflowing. There was a good size puddle on the ground. I’m lucky that the flow rate was so slow.

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