Catching Up on Some Chores

Thursday June 11th 2020

The temperature climbed back into the low nineties today. That isn’t bad when compared to the one hundred and eight in Phoenix today. A little wind during the middle of the day helped keep the shade comfortable.

A few puffy clouds arrived in the afternoon.

Today was dedicated to catching up on chores and maintenance tasks. In addition to general sweeping and vacuuming, I had a couple of days of dirty dishes and a couple of weeks of dirty laundry to deal with. I got the cleaning and the dishes done, but only about half the laundry. I need more quarters to feed the mechanical beasts. I haven’t been making enough cash transactions to acquire quarters in the normal course of things. Buying some quarters is back on my list of things to do.

My exercise for the day was a couple of walks around the campground. There continues to be a wide variety of states of origin for the campers. Today I added Kentucky, Alabama, Georgia, Ohio, South Carolina and Oklahoma to the list of states that have stopped in this campground. There are also an ever increasing number of rental RVs stopping for the night. RV travel has clearly resumed.

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