Petrified Forest National Park Hike

Wednesday June 10th 2020

Today was a little warmer, but still a very nice day in the mid eighties. The trend is for increasing temperatures over the next few days.

Unique guard for the Closed Area.

I got a late start to my day of touring. It was after 11AM before I set out for the Petrified Forest National Park. This was my second visit to the park. My first visit in the fall of 2017 didn’t produce a lot of memories, but when I got to the park they started to return. The section of the park north of Interstate 40 that is part of the Painted Desert was one of those faded memories. I remembered it when I got there, but I wasn’t connecting it with the Petrified Forest National Park in my recollections. I stopped at several of the overlooks and took pictures, just like I did last time I visited. Maybe I’ll remember to look at the pictures before my next visit.

I spent most of my time today at the Blue Mesa area. There is road construction on the main park road just to the south of the Blue Mesa road that had traffic backed up. I’ll return later in the week to do the area south of the construction.

At the Blue Mesa I took the mile long hike into the Blue Badlands area. The last time I visited the park I stayed on the loop road around the mesa. The trail is a paved path that starts and ends with a steep climb, but it is well worth the effort. The rocks and surfaces are more white and gray than blue with more than a few pieces of petrified logs scattered in between. It makes for a very striking landscape. I took plenty of pictures.

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