Getting Settled In

Tuesday June 9th 2020

Yesterday’s wind brought cool overnight temperatures. It may well have been in the fifties before the sun came up this morning. The wind was much calmer today. It allowed the daytime high temperature to reach the low seventies. It was a beautiful weather day.

Rose blossom of the day

I started the day with a very low energy level. Probably because of the stress of yesterday’s drive, I really didn’t get going very fast this morning. Eventually I finished the setup tasks I didn’t get to yesterday afternoon. The bicycle and rack are off the car and it’s ready for touring in the area.

Walking around the campground I found a lot has changed since my last visit in the fall of 2017. At the time it was just a big level gravel field with RV hook ups. Since then evergreen trees and tall fences have been added between some of the sites. They have also added more cabins and fancy patio sites. It seems to be working because they are getting lots of nightly guests.

The RV park had a lot of overnight travelers last night and more tonight. I spotted RVs from all of the surrounding states as well as Virginia, Illinois, Texas, Florida, Oklahoma and Washington. People are traveling. I was primarily seeing Arizona and California plates the last couple of weeks at the state park, but out here on the side of Interstate 40, a major east west route, there are a lot of travelers. That is encouraging for my summer travels and maybe just a little bit frightening. Communities that develop a fear of travelers is my biggest concern.

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