Tumbling Tumble Weeds

Monday June 8th 2020

Today was a travel day. It was also the windiest day of the last few windy days. The temperature was also the lowest it has been in the last few weeks. The temperature peaked around eighty in Cottonwood and was even cooler at my destination.

I pulled out of my campsite shortly after eleven, but it was almost noon when I left the state park. The line up at the dumping station took all the extra time. After working my way through traffic and eight rotary traffic intersections I reached Interstate 17 in Camp Verde and turned north. Interstate 17 from Phoenix to Flagstaff is one of my least favorite Interstate routes. The section from Camp Verde north begins with an eighteen mile climb on four to six percent grades. There is only one short section that isn’t a steep climb. Camp Verde is at about three thousand feet in altitude and Flagstaff is over seven thousand feet. Most of the altitude change is in the first eighteen miles. Adding to the mix today was a strong cross wind all the way up to Flagstaff.

At Flagstaff I turned east on Interstate 40. The wind became a tail wind on this section of road. It was either directly behind or coming in on the passenger side rear corner. The wind blew at a constant twenty miles an hour or so with some gusts that were much heavier. Tonight’s news reported 30 MPH sustained winds with gusts in the forties for Winslow Arizona about thirty miles from here. I had the new experience of having to dodge tumbling tumble weeds along the Interstate.

Site 50 at the Holbrook Petrified Forest KOA

I arrived at the Holbrook AZ KOA about 3PM. I was glad to be off the road. I stayed here in 2017 to visit the Petrified Forest National Park. During my weeks stay I will probably visit the national park again. My primary reason for this stop is to use the laundry facilities at this commercial campground before returning to a more primitive state park for the following three weeks.

The wind finally quieted down toward sunset. Tomorrow is forecast to be a little warmer with a little less wind.

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