Last Full Day at Dead Horse Ranch State Park

Sunday June 7th 2020

Today’s weather was a clone of Saturday. The temperature was in the mid eighties and the wind was powerful. It was a nice day overall.

This is my last full day at Dead Horse Ranch State Park. My two weeks are up tomorrow. I’ve enjoyed my stay here. The trails in the desert and the along the Verde River provide good recreation opportunities. Pandemic related shutdowns prevented visiting some of the other attractions in the area. I’m afraid that’s going to be normal during my travels this summer. I need to stay at places with plenty of outdoor recreation activities, because I can’t count on the area attractions being available.

In addition to watching NASCAR on TV and taking a couple of hikes around the park, I did more travel research today. I have places booked through the 29th of June in Arizona. I’d like to book my next stop to include the Fourth of July weekend in New Mexico, but it is slower reopening than other states in the region. New Mexico State Parks are not open for camping yet and the open private campgrounds are expected to limit capacity. Texas and Oklahoma further to the east seem to be less restricted. I continue to hope things will open up more as the summer continues, but travel will be a challenge.

I have some of the packing complete for tomorrows travel. In the morning I’ll complete the preparation and get on the road north and east about one hundred and sixty miles. Hopefully, the wind won’t be as bad as the last couple of days.

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