Third Triple Digit Temperature Day in a Row

Thursday June 4th 2020

Today was the third triple digit day in a row. Thankfully, it is the last one in the current seven day forecast for this area. Other areas of Arizona have had a longer run of hot days and they are still in the forecast. This area is about ten degrees cooler than the Phoenix area.

Blossom of the day.

I took a walk along the Verde River section of the state park today. The tree cover keeps the sun from beating down and the sound of moving water is relaxing. I also like the birds the water attracts. Around the park ponds there are several families of ducks. Today I even saw one of my favorite birds, a Great Blue Heron.

The campground is starting to fill for the weekend. Families with young kids are arriving. The overall atmosphere of the park went from sleepy to noisy fun. I’m not sure what the specific attraction for families is. There is no real swimming area and the park’s playground is closed as a virus spreading precaution. I did see a couple of kids with their family splashing in the river, but it looked more like an act of desperation.

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