Sedona Drive Through Visit

Friday June 5th 2020

The triple digit heat is over. It was a cloudy day in the mid nineties with lots of wind in the Cottonwood area. On my drive I even passed through a brief rain storm.

Blossom of the day.

My drive was through Sedona and on north to the outskirts of Flagstaff before returning south on the Interstate. Sedona still isn’t my cup of tea. The impression I developed three years ago continued with this drive through visit. I think the problem is that as a high end resort community if you aren’t staying in town you aren’t able to appreciate the area. The traffic is very heavy and many of the roads are narrow with a rotary every few hundred feet to manage intersecting traffic. Parking is also a problem. There aren’t enough public parking spots in the downtown area. I passed several overflowing parking lots today. Away from the downtown area all of the roadside turnouts and parking areas were also full. The scenery back away from the road behind the shops and resorts looks spectacular. It just isn’t easy to get near.

Cottonwood in the valley.

When I got back to my RV home at Dead Horse Ranch State Park the weekend was in full swing. All three of the RV camping loops were marked as full. The tent area was only about half full. The sound of competing music from the weekend residents was really cranked. I think it was a battle of country vs. rock, but really just sounded like noise. At some point during the evening they were told to turn it down by the park staff. It looks like this will be an active weekend.

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