Triple Digit Heat Makes for Another Slow Day

Wednesday June 3rd 2020

Last nights cloud cover didn’t allow the temperature to drop quickly or very low overnight. It was still in the 90s outside at 11PM and probably only got to the high seventies before the temperature started to climb again to another triple digit day. Sleeping last night was a trade off. Either live with the loud cycling of the AC or deal with the heat with the occasional breeze through the windows. I tried both, but didn’t really sleep until 3AM or so.

The lack of sleep and today’s heat resulted in a general lethargic mood today. Just before noon I left the campground on a tour of the area for something to do and to take advantage of the focused AC in the car. Eventually I found myself near Walmart. I needed a few non grocery items like holding tank chemical so I ventured in. I found the chemical and a large package of expensive RV toilet paper. I usually use regular septic safe toilet paper, but given the current supply issues I grabbed a package. In the grocery section of the store I bought some frozen items so my travels for the day were over. I needed to get home before everything melted.

My evening walk around the campground shows a subtle change. The weekend crowds have been mostly Arizona residents. Tonight there are more sites occupied by out of state vehicles than I’ve seen during my stay. Is this a sign that people are traveling again?

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