Launch Watching

Saturday May 30th 2020

A strong breeze during the second half of the day kept the near one hundred degree temperature from feeling oppressive. Still, there were very few clouds in the sky. Outside activity in the bright sun has to happen in small doses.

Between the two months of “stay at home” because of the virus and the long periods of hot temperatures, it doesn’t seem like the end of May. In my mind it is either the start of the travel season at the end of March or the end of of summer in late August. It is very confusing as I try to develop a new plan going forward.

The Grand Canyon National Park announced its full reopening plan late Thursday. The whole south rim area including the campgrounds will open on June 5th. On Friday morning I tried to score a reservation at the Trailer Village for June 8th when I leave. All of the sites big enough for my RV were already booked. I knew it was a long shot, but that is one of the reasons I held off making reservations after this stop. Friday afternoon I booked the three weeks following the eighth. One week is in a commercial park with full hookups followed by two more weeks at another Arizona State Park along Interstate 40. Next week I should be able to book into July. I’m waiting for New Mexico to relax some of its restrictions.

My big activity of the day was watching the Dragon Demo 2 launch from Cape Canaveral on TV. I didn’t hold much hope that the weather would cooperate, but they found an acceptable weather window. The USA is no longer dependent on other nations to get astronauts into space. I’m also curious what kinds of technology and industry will take advantage of the commercial crew launch capability of Space X.

Today’s only walk was late in the day. In addition to walking around the campground I took one of the trails to the top of the hill overlooking the campground. I got a good view of the tops of many RVs including my RV home. The sunset was not very photogenic.

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