Weekend Campers are Arriving

Friday May 29th 2020

The temperature made it into the triple digits today, but it was still ten degrees cooler than the Phoenix metro area. On a positive note the wind was a little stronger and more constant than yesterday, so it was a little more comfortable.

Today was the day that my twice delayed grocery run got accomplished. There were fewer people wearing masks and the shelves were much better stocked than on previous grocery runs. Although this is a different store than my last few grocery runs, I think the time of large scale shortages is gone for a while. I couldn’t find everything I wanted, but that isn’t unusual. I may stop in again next week.

When I got back to the campground it was filling up for the weekend. Since Wednesday the park hasn’t been full every night. For the weekend that will change. This park seems to be a getaway location for the Phoenix metro area. The one hundred miles north and fifteen hundred to two thousand feet in elevation cools things down about ten degrees. There are also places in the area that allow tubing in the Verde River. I don’t think there is any place in the state park for water activities.

I only got one walk in today. Late in the afternoon toward evening I walked around three of the camping loops checking out the filling campsites. Most were full and the few that weren’t had reserved signs waiting for the new occupants. There are a lot of families and tent campers. It is kind of strange to see a little compact car in a big RV site with a tiny tent setup back in the brush. The daytime high temperatures this weekend are forecast to be just over 100 degrees. The nighttime lows are forecast to be in the high seventies. The campers without AC to retreat into will really be feeling the heat.

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