A Walk Around the Ponds in the Shade

Sunday May 31st 2020

The campground was full this weekend, but by mid morning it looked very empty. I woke up around six thirty when the first RV departed. That’s one of the disadvantages of having the site across from the exit and dumpster. A steady pace of departing RVs followed. Checkout time is noon, so they don’t have to get early starts. I suspect traffic and temperature concerns cause people to leave early. The two lane southbound highway to the Phoenix area winds up and down over some serious elevation. A little slow down or an accident on that stretch or road causes long delays.

Getting home before the temperature reaches triple digits could also be a motive for leaving early. The Phoenix high temperature made it to triple digits by early afternoon. In this area with a strong wind the temperature only got to the mid nineties. Out of the direct sunshine it was a very comfortable day.

For today’s exercise I drove down to the ponds in the day use section of the park. I would walk, but the trails to that area are open to the beating sun. There were a few families enjoying picnics in the park along with a little fishing in the ponds. The three ponds are surrounded by nice green shade trees. It’s possible to walk around in relative solitude out of the direct rays of the sun. Even the ducks were taking advantage of the shade at the waters edge. This area along the Verde River is so different from the desert area on the surrounding hills where my campsite is located.

On my evening walk around the campground it was interesting to see the campground more than half full after this morning’s mass departure. A group of RVs with ATVs occupy the sites below me. I hope they don’t all decide to power up their ATVs early in the morning.

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