A Three Walk Day

Thursday May 28th 2020

I got up early this morning to take a hike before the temperature started to climb. After a quick breakfast I set out to explore some of the trails toward the river. The sun was shining bright somewhat countering the lower temperature. Later in the day there was a lot of cloud cover that made it feel more comfortable.

I didn’t stay out as long on my morning hike as I’d planned, because of the combination of the sun and the perhaps getting up too early. Shortly after I was back at my RV home I fell asleep on the couch. My plan to get to the grocery store in the morning went away with the unplanned nap. I’ll try again tomorrow morning.

During the afternoon I drove to the small fishing ponds in the day use area of the park. The area has nice tree cover and doesn’t look like a desert. It was nice to get back to a wetland area after three months of desert. As I walked around the ponds I say a couple of people fishing and a lone kayak paddler. One set of ducks were getting in some sleep time under the trees on the side of the pond. Elsewhere in the pond area I heard many other birds and possibly other creatures, but I didn’t see many.

My third walk of the day was at sunset. Overall I got as much exercise in three walks as I would have liked to get in my morning hike. The next few days are forecast to be even warmer than today, so I probably won’t try a big hike again until the temperature starts to cool off near the middle of next week.

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