Getting Hot Again

Wednesday May 27th 2020

The temperature reached the upper nineties today, but it could be worse. Phoenix and the area to the south where I was last week are ten or more degrees warmer. The phrase “It’s a dry heat.” also applies. Sweat evaporates quickly and you can be somewhat comfortable out of the sun if there is any breeze.

The planned launch of astronauts from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida cut into my daily plans. Around ten this morning I started to watch the coverage on the Discovery Channel. I quickly got caught up in the event even if the program was pretty much a commercial for Space X. When it became clear that the weather was going to be an issue that the coverage wasn’t going to address, I switched to the weather channel. They had a much more realistic prediction on the chances of the weather permitting a launch today. I stuck it out until the launch was called for weather with sixteen minutes to go on the count down. I’ll be back in front of my TV on Saturday for the second try.

It was the start of the hottest part of the day when I allowed my attention to wander from the TV screen. I took a brief walk around the campground before retreating to the shade and inside for most of the afternoon. As sunset approached and the breeze picked up I ventured out for another walk. I’ll need to get up early to beat the heat for any hiking over the next few days.

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