Settling in at Dead Horse Ranch State Park

Tuesday May 26th 2020

The temperature was in the mid nineties today, but it was still five degrees or more less than the temperature in the Phoenix area. The temperature trend is climbing. Tomorrow will be in the triple digits in Phoenix, but should still be in the nineties here.

Today’s focus was on getting settled into life at the Dead Horse Ranch State Park. It started with finishing the setup tasks for a two week stay and continued with a short hike to refresh my knowledge on the parks layout. First up, I got the bicycle unloaded from the car and the rack stowed under my RV home until I need it again. The rack doesn’t allow easy access to the back hatch on the CR-V. The second significant setup task was putting the foil reflector into the front window of the motorhome. It does a good job keeping the solar gain down in the front of the RV. Last up was setting up the gas grill for cooking. The last two months, I’ve been using the electric grill inside. There wasn’t a place protected from the wind to use the gas grill during my two month travel pause. It’s nice to be able to cook outside again.

I didn’t venture far on my short hike. Most of it was in the three campground loops in this area of the park. I hiked out of the campground on a couple of trails into the desert, but in both cases turned around after a few hundred yards. In the current weather I need lots of water, sun screen and a few other precautions before I take a longer hike. There are a lot of different colorful wildflowers in bloom. It was nice to see some color on the ground. I took several pictures of the blossoms and I’m sharing a few in this blog entry.

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