Travel Day to Picacho Peak State Park

Thursday May 21st 2020

After sixty one nights on the travel sidelines, today was a travel day. To ease into travel mode I only went fifteen miles down the road to Picacho Peak State Park. I spent the morning in the relatively cool mid eighties temperature finishing the packing. I pulled out of the RV park just before noon and arrived at the state park before 1PM. Along the way I stopped to add fifty five gallons of gas to the motorhome.

Site A3 at Picacho Peak State Park.
Picacho Peak behind the campground. It is a more impressive peak from further away.

Despite the short distance this location is very different from the RV park. I am back among the saguaro cactus and they are blooming. The campground is arranged in loops in the shadow of Picacho Peak with good distance between sites. Interstate 10 and the railroad track are still nearby, but not as close. The road and train noise is not as noticeable. This is closer to my kind of park.

The bird blends in well with the blossoms at the top of the saguaro.

I’m settled in for the holiday weekend. If it doesn’t get too hot I’ll check out a few of the trails. There is plenty of nice scenery and lots of birds and small animals to see in the campground area.

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