Saguaro Blossoms

Friday May 22nd 2020

It was a very seasonal day. The temperature peak at the average temperature for the day in the mid nineties. The sky was clear and the wind was blowing steadily. Overall it wasn’t a bad day.

My RV Home tucked in between the saguaro cactus.

My exercise today was along the roads in the campground checking out all of the saguaro cactus blossoms. I took three walks around the various camp site loops. Besides looking at all the tall cactus, I wanted to check my preparedness before venturing out on the park trails. I’ve spent the last two months on relatively short walks on very flat ground. I really felt my first few hikes in late February after a similar level of exercise over the four long winter months. I’ll know in the morning by how stiff my leg muscles get.

The saguaro cactus seem to be the only type of cactus still in bloom. All of the blossoms on the other types of cacti are dried up and falling off. Most of the big saguaro have blossoms in various stages. Some have yet to open, some are open and others are starting to dry up. When they are open they are very pretty and very popular. The bees seem to really enjoy their visits.

On my third walk of the day at sunset the park was starting to fill up a bit for the weekend. Last night there were only a handful of sites occupied. Tonight there are a couple of handfuls of occupied sites. This just isn’t a popular time of year to be in this section of the desert.

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