Getting Ready to Travel

Wednesday May 20th 2020

Today was a brief brief relief from the high temperatures. It didn’t get out of the eighties and there wasn’t much wind. Overall it was a beautiful day.

This is the last full day of my two month suspension of the Rambling Road Trip to allow the pandemic response to settle in. Tomorrow I start to slowly resume the Rambling Road Trip. I’m looking forward to resuming my travels, but I do so with a great deal of trepidation. I am less concerned with catching the virus as I am with dealing with the new normal. The expectations, rules and restrictions evolve rapidly. There are many new challenges.

I got two walks around the RV park in between all of the travel preparation tasks. There are a few more things to do in the morning. My plan is to depart shortly before noon. I only have about fifteen miles to travel to the nearby Picacho Peak State Park. Along the way I plan to stop for gas in the motorhome and kill some time in the RV parking area at the gas station. I don’t anticipate any problems checking in early, because this is not prime season at this park. It is still in the hot desert.

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