Wind, Wind and More Wind

Tuesday May 19th 2020

The operative word for the day was wind. It started calm, but be 10AM it was blowing steadily from the southwest. The steady state wind was reported at 15mph on the noon news, but there were gusts much higher. During the afternoon the steady wind got stronger and so did the gusts. It was well after dark before the wind let up some. The good thing about the wind was it kept the temperature down in the low nineties.

It was a routine day complete with a morning and evening walk. I had considered going back to the grocery store, but the wind was a deterrent. Outside the walls of the RV park the wind was stirring up the desert into dust devils. It really didn’t look like a fun drive up the highway. I’ll make the grocery run another day.

Some of my time today was spent packing. After two months in one place, I have a lot of things spread out around the RV. Thursday is a travel day, so I got a start at putting stuff back in travel mode. Tomorrow will have a similar focus.

Tonight’s sunset

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