Looking Back to Plan Forward

Monday May 18th 2020

This morning was very still. Without any real wind, the eighty degree temperature and bright sun discouraged me from taking my morning walk. By mid day memories of the calm morning were distant. The wind was blowing hard and gusting even harder. It kept the upper nineties temperature bearable.

Strong wind blowing a fruit tree in the RV park.

The long stretches of hot sunny weather in the desert along with the disruption in routine caused by Covid-19 make it hard to believe Memorial day is in the future. My irrational thoughts believe it is the end of summer. Looking back to last year on this date I was just beginning my summer travels. I was in Baton Rouge Louisiana looking for a way west around the lines of tornadoes crossing the country. I spent the Memorial Day weekend in the Albuquerque New Mexico area before heading for Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah then on up into Oregon over the first couple of weeks in June.

All of this serves to remind me that there is plenty of time for more adventures this year. It may take more flexibility and patience to travel within the restrictions that the various governments put in place, but it appears possible. Most of the activities and places I like to visit are naturally socially distant. A little caution and I should be able to avoid crowded areas. The only downside is I’ll be in continuous planning mode just like last year. Unlike last year, there is the added consideration of the current restrictions in an area. They seem to change on a weekly basis.

I spent time today researching options in New Mexico for late June and early July. Many things have not reopened yet. June 1st seems to be a magic date for some things. I’ll keep researching and monitoring what’s opening for the rest of this month. The first week of June is my target to have plans in place through the Forth of July weekend.

Road Runner scurrying along with something in its mouth.

On my evening walk around the RV park I noted another departure. I’m not going to be the last of the non year round residents to depart, but it will be close.

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