NASCAR Returns

Sunday May 17th 2020

The warming temperature trend continued. It made it into the upper 90s today. The wind was light most of the day, but when it chose to blow there were some goodM gusts.

I got in two walks around the RV park today. On my morning walk I managed to get some nice pictures of cactus blossoms. They have been hiding from me the last few days. I’m not sure what conditions cause the blossoms to open. Most of the time I see them on the plants tightly closed. When I catch them open they are very pretty.

A NASCAR race from Darlington South Carolina was on TV today. It was run without fans in the stands. Watching on TV I couldn’t tell the difference. Being able to watch new sports entertainment was a treat. I just can’t get into replays of sporting events from five, ten and fifteen years ago. Watching weird sports like professional bean bag tossing also gets old fast. I hope Major League Baseball can negotiate a way to play games for TV this summer.

On my evening walk I noticed that some of the residents of the RV park have found the reopened pool. The closed sign was taken down on Friday. It was replaced by social distancing instructions. Today was the first time I saw anyone in the pool. There were four people in the hot tub totally ignoring the six foot social distancing rule. Maybe they all live in the same RV.

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