Canceling More Reservations

Friday May 1st 2020

A strong breeze out of the south kept the temperature from reaching the century mark today. In the wind it didn’t even feel like the warm 98 degrees the temperature reached.

I was up early for my morning walk. My goal was to get more pictures of the cactus in bloom. The bright morning sun was successful in bringing the blossoms out of their tight closures. It was a welcome outcome after yesterday’s cloudy morning which didn’t produce any picture worthy blooms.

My major accomplishment of the day was a negative one. I successfully canceled two more reservations for seventeen days in May and June. It remains to be seen if I get the cancellation fees back since the Utah State Park campgrounds are now officially open. I still have three more reservations before the middle of June to cancel. With a little luck they may be canceled for me. The area around Yellowstone is not rumored to be opening until around the middle of June.

Right now, I’m thinking about catching up with my summer travel plans by the second half of June in Wyoming. I continue to monitor the travel restrictions in the various states and the condition of the campgrounds. Most of the private campgrounds seem to plan on being partially open by then. The state and federal campgrounds are pure guess work. Some states have rules to discourage travel and others seem to be ready to reopen to travelers. I’ll do what is necessary to keep safe and not endanger or bring fear to others. The bottom line is I still don’t know what I’m going to do, but I’ll remain flexible. I’ll be here in the desert south of Phoenix for another three weeks.

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