Just More of the Same

Thursday April 30th 2020

A surprising layer of clouds kept the temperature from reaching triple digits today. It still reached 98 degree, but the psychological impact made it feel much cooler than yesterday’s 103.

Blossom of the day.

I was up early enough to get in a morning walk before the temperature climbed into the nineties. A couple more RVs were in the final stages of packing. By my second walk of the day near sunset they were gone. Because many people have left their RVs on site, the RV park doesn’t look that empty. What I notice most is that there are fewer people out and about in the morning and evening. When I arrived last month there were a couple of groups of five or six bicycle riders circling the park every morning. Every week the number in the groups went down. Now I just see an occasional lone rider.

My day was filled with the usual mix of reading and TV. I continue to monitor the RV park situation in the neighboring states for possible travel plans. So far I haven’t come up with any interesting alternative travel ideas. The National Parks are now talking about mid June openings if the local states agree. Maybe that will create some opportunities.

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