Thinking About My Summer Travels

Saturday May 2nd 2020

The run of days with above normal high temperature continues. Today was only about ten degrees above normal at 98 degrees. The current forecast has the highs returning to the triple digits next week and the above normal highs continuing most of the month.

During my morning walk it felt like I’ve been abandoned. The turn of the month seems to have caused several more departures. In my area of the RV park there are many open sites and a few empty RVs. On my “block” there are only 3 of 32 sites occupied. The “blocks” nearer the entrance have a few more occupied sites and the perimeter is fairly full. Overall there is a lot of empty space and a lot fewer people out and about.

My RV on the corner with one nearby neighbor and many empty sites.

The focus of my internet surfing today was summer travel planning. I am working under the assumption that enough RV parks and campgrounds will be open by the middle of June to allow me to resume traveling without extreme issues. As of today travel is complicated by campgrounds that aren’t open, places that only take single night stays, RV parks that only take two week stays of longer for self quarantine and places that are only open to locals. Everyday the situation evolves. I have a theory that it might be easier to find places to stay this summer as vacationers decide to stay home. So far that hasn’t panned out. The nice places near major tourist draws are still fully booked for late June, July and August. Maybe people are waiting until the last minute to cancel like I am for some of my late May reservations.

My overall focus for the foreseeable future is to avoid crowds and focus on outside activities like hiking, bike riding and overall sightseeing. I will avoid museums and indoor activities. Ideally I’d prefer to stay in one place for long periods of time, but unless my theory of vacationers canceling their plans come to fruition, I’ll have to settle for mostly one or two week stays in more obscure locations. My goal of reaching Florida before fall remains the same.

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