103 in the Shade

Wednesday April 29th 2020

I didn’t get my first walk of the day in this morning. By the time I got up the temperature was already climbing toward its triple digit peak. Today’s temperature peaked fifteen degrees above the norm for the day at 103 degrees.

Tonight’s sunset

Most of my day was spent reading, surfing the internet and watching television. One of the things I watched on TV was the Arizona Governor’s presentation on re-opening the state. He is continuing the “stay at home” order until May 15th, but a lot of other things will be gradually changing. Elective surgery which seems to include most types of doctor visits including dentists restarts on May 1st. Next week appointment based service business and later in the week other types of retail can reopen if they have delivery or curb side pickup. All with the provision that social distancing must be maintained. Restaurants might open the following week if the industry develops a plan for cleaning and social distancing inside the facilities. Movie theaters, bars and anything that might produce a crowd continue to be closed.

I got my walk around the park in at sunset. It is amazing how much nicer the temperature is after the sun gets out of the sky. I went up and down each road in the park to get an extra long walk in.

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