Cactus Blossoms

Tuesday April 28th 2020

I was up early to get my first walk of the day in before the heat took over the day. Once again I started the breakfast coffee and set out on my walk around the RV park. My first stop was the cactus garden at the office to get some better pictures of the blossoms on the cactus. There were many more blossoms this morning and I got a few nice pictures to include in this blog entry.

My morning walk was short. In my rush to beat the heat, I forgot to put on a hat. Keeping covered up from the sun is important out here in the desert. After a quick loop around the park I returned to my RV home for breakfast.

Today was a bit of a break from the triple digit heat. It only made it to 98, but more important, there was a steady breeze. I prefer to spend the days in my RV home with all the windows open and the fans blowing. Running both air conditioners only gets the inside temperature into the eighties with the strong sun beating down on my RV home. The RV is oriented in the best way with respect to the sun. The front windshield faces east getting the morning sun. The drivers side with all the windows faces north. The south and west facing sides don’t have many windows. So far, with the windows open the breeze keeps the inside reasonably comfortable. After sunset I turn on the AC to get the inside down to sleeping temperature. In a humid area or if the wind wasn’t blowing I’d run the AC a lot more.

On my evening walk I tried to make a count of the number of occupied sites. I ended up doing a little bit of counting and a little more estimating. My current guess is that out of the 350 sites fifty are actively in use and another twenty or so are occupied by RVs with no residents. About a third of the occupied sites have Arizona License Plates. They are probably year round residents of this compound in the desert.

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