Getting Used to the Heat

Monday April 27th 2020

There was a little more wind today. It kept the high temperature from being as oppressive as Sunday. As long as you weren’t in the direct sunlight the heat was tolerable.

I got in my first walk of the day early in the day. As soon as I got the coffee started I set out on my morning walk around the RV park. The bigger cactus planted in the garden by the office have started to blossom. I tried to get pictures of the blossoms, but only the single picture included in this blog entry was good enough to include in the blog. By my evening walk the blossoms had closed up for the night. With any luck, I’ll get better pictures tomorrow.

By the time I got back to my RV home the coffee was ready for breakfast. Combined with a little internet reading and some TV, the coffee and a couple of cinnamon roles lasted well into the morning. The remainder of the day was taken up with more reading and TV with a short nap thrown in for good measure.

The second walk of the day started a little later than normal. I let the sun get much closer to the horizon before I set out. It was dark enough that the RV park lights were on by the time I got back to the RV. The down side of night fall is the wind went away with the daylight.

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