Triple Digit Temperatures have Arrived

Sunday April 26th 2020

When I chose this location to sit out the “stay at home” orders I knew it was going to be warm. I checked the average temperatures for the area. The average high for the area isn’t supposed to get to triple digits until June. Since I plan to leave the area by the end of May, I didn’t think I get too many extremely warm days. Today was the first triple digit day of the year at 101 degrees Fahrenheit. The milestone is about a week early this year. To make matters worse, the forecast calls for five more triple digit days this week. The high temperature isn’t forecast to be in the nineties until next Saturday.

A little wind to keep the flag stretched.

One of the advantages of living on the road is the ability to avoid temperature extremes. In normal times I would be well north of extreme warmth in the summer and well south of freezing conditions in the winter. Following this years plan, I would have been at Lake Powell today. It was in the low eighties in Page AZ, about twenty degrees cooler than here.

I’ve done pretty well avoiding triple digit warmth on my Rambling Road Trip. I don’t recall any extended periods of extreme heat. There may have been a single day high in the triple digits along the way, but certainly not several in a row. I have experienced a few ninety plus humid days in the southeast that may in the overall scheme of things be more oppressive. As the saying goes, this is a “dry” heat. With the wind blowing or a good fan aimed at you, it is possible to survive without the AC if you aren’t in the direct sun. So far, I’ve only turned the AC on near bed time to get the temperature down to sleeping level. In the humid southwest I’d have the AC on around the clock.

I only took one walk today near sunset. It was too hot and bright by the time I was ready to walk this morning. A couple more rigs have departed the RV park and a few more seem to be in the middle of packing. I’m beginning to wonder just how many RVs will be here when I leave just before Memorial Day weekend.

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