Another Hot Day

Saturday April 25th 2020

I am afraid all I’ll have to write about for the next few days is the heat. Today the temperature peaked around 98 degrees. Tomorrow will probably break into three digits and by the end of the month a new record for the month of April my be set at 106 degrees. The average temperature for the end of April is eighty eight.

I woke up this morning to watch out my bedroom window as another neighbor hooked up and departed. There are still people here, but there are more empty sites than occupied ones. As the heat of the day increased everybody retreated inside. Most people had the AC running.

I took my morning walk before breakfast to get it in before the heat of the day arrived. It was ninety by noon before reaching the high for the day around 4:30 or 5PM. Occasionally a breeze developed to cool the air off a little, but overall it was a fairly still day. My second walk of the day was as the sun was setting. A few people were back out and walking around by that time.

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