Train Watching

Monday April 20th 2020

Not much blog worthy happened today. The bright blue sky with only a little wind allowed the temperature to reach the mid 80s. Tomorrow is forecast to be the last comfortable for a while. Starting Wednesday the high temperature is forecast in the 90s and by the weekend the 100s. I’m not looking forward to it.

Wind contraption in my neighbors yard.

In addition to my two walks, I took up train car counting today. During breakfast for some reason I found myself counting the cars on a westbound train across the field to the north of the park. I lost count around one hundred cars on the four engine train. The fact that I lost count caused a minor obsession to find the next train to count. I watched most of the day, but never caught another one from the beginning. I notice the trains more at night. The sound of the train whistles and rumbling carry better in the still night air.

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