Continuing My Stay in the Desert

Tuesday April 21st 2020

After a calm and cool start to the day the weather changed rapidly. By early afternoon the temperature had crossed the eighty mark and the wind was howling. The wind was strong enough to blow lawn chairs around and the gusts were even higher. Tonight it is calm again.

I paid for another month at this spartan oasis in the desert this morning. I’m sure I’ll be here until at least the fifteenth of May, but probably until the twenty first. A departure on the fifteenth would allow me to catch up with my original travel plans, but that is highly unlikely. My developing alternative plan keeps me in Arizona for another month, but at higher altitudes further north. Arizona has been very good about keeping the state park campgrounds open, so I’m exploring staying at a couple of those for a pair of two week stays. After that maybe New Mexico.

Blossom of the day.

On the day that I committed to staying here longer, several others departed. My neighbors departed for Wisconsin at about 7:30 this morning. I knew they were leaving, but the number of others that departed late yesterday and early today was surprising. It may be that the weather forecast for the next week kicked them into action. Tomorrow is forecast to be in the nineties and starting on Sunday the high is forecast in the 100s through Tuesday.

A neighbors on the other side from Oregon are currently packing. Many of the other long term residents and snowbirds have been stopping by to say good-by. It is a real traffic jam, since most of the visitors stop in the road and hold a proper socially distant conversation. I’m guessing they’re leaving tomorrow. There are still many RVs here, but many are empty. On one of my walks later in the week I may try and count how many of the 350 sites are actively occupied.

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