A Planning Sunday

Sunday April 19th 2020

With less wind today the temperature made it up to eighty. There were a few clouds in the sky off and on during the day including at sunset. The clouds added a little interest to an otherwise bland sunset.

Beautiful roses in the yard of one of the park model RVs here.

I was late getting to my first walk of the day. Chasing internet links on information about places to stay after I leave here next month kept me busy until well afternoon. It was close to the heat of the day before I took my first walk around the park. Another ten or so residents appear to be packing to head out. I won’t be alone, but it is going to be a lot different as next month rolls around.

After my first walk I got back to exploring ideas for the summer. I haven’t totally abandoned my plans to visit Wyoming and Colorado, but any plan needs to consider what the world looks like as the “stay at home” rules change. Right now it seems better to move around as little as possible. Staying here in an area that gets above 110 degrees at times during the summer isn’t going to happen. The next consideration is finding a place with a lot of outdoor roaming opportunities that I can stay in for a few months. Following that is staying a month here, a month there and work my way back toward Florida. The last alternative is to continue with one to two week stays moving in the general direction of Florida. The post lock down rules that each state establishes will dictate what I decide. For now, I need to figure out a few specific alternatives.

My second walk of the day was at sunset. The clouds to the west and a random jet contrail created an interesting sunset tonight. The sky got much redder after I got back to my RV home.

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