A Short Trip Down Interstate 10

Saturday April 18th 2020

It was another windy day in the desert. The day started cloudy, but ended with a clear sky. The high temperature was a bit of a reprieve as it peaked in the high seventies. Monday may be the first 90 degree day of the year.

Potpourri of wildflower blossoms.

I broke up today’s two walk routine with a drive down Interstate 10. I went about twenty five miles toward Tucson to satisfy my curiosity about the Airline industry. The Pinal Air Park is one of the desert locations the airlines use to store jets. If an airline is not planning to use an aircraft for a long period of time it sends it to the desert to keep it away from moisture that can create problems. The Pinal Air Park is a county owned facility about a mile off the interstate. Every time I’ve been by the area a few aircraft are visible. In normal times, most of the jets are waiting to be scraped, but today the large number of aircraft were clearly there for storage. The tall tails with the livery of many airlines were visible all around the air park.

It’s hard to know if the level of traffic on the highway was down because of the “stay at home” order. I found plenty of traffic. As expected there was a lot of truck traffic, but I saw a few RVs to go along with the automobiles on the road. At night I hear the truck traffic on the interstate outside the walls of the RV park. Overall, the short trip on the Interstate broke up my daily routine well.

The number of RVs in the RV park continues to shrink on every walk I take around the park. Today I noticed a couple of departures that I thought for sure would be here for the long haul. I’ve stayed in empty RV parks before and I don’t expect this one to get anywhere near empty. It is just a little disconcerting watching all the people leave.

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