Four Weeks of Waiting it Out

Friday April 17th 2020

My laid back daily routine continued today. A strong wind out of the west arrived to keep the temperature in the low eighties. The desert dust was really blowing and walking was difficult at times, but I still made my two walks around the park.

I didn’t find any new interesting things on my walks to take pictures for this blog entry, so I started checking my archives for pictures from this time last year. I was still in Florida until near the end of May 2019 working on plans for travel during the summer of 2019. On April 17th I included a nice hibiscus blossom in my blog entry, so I’m including it again in this blog.

Blossom of the day.

Reviewing the old blog entries reminded me that this was the first year I made extensive travel plans well ahead of time. Many of those plans have already been canceled and others will have to be soon. I’m not sure that any of my 2020 plans make sense anymore. For 2016 through 2019 my planning was more just in time. With a few exceptions for stays during the high season in popular areas I only planned a couple of months ahead. That seems like a much safer approach given current world conditions. Everyday I spend some time investigating alternatives for the coming months, but what tomorrow brings is largely a big unknown.

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