A Lazy Day Good for Reading

Thursday April 16th 2020

It is starting to get hot in the desert. Today’s high temperature was above eighty five. Tomorrow is forecast to be a little warmer. The current forecast has the first ninety degree day of the year next week. The average first ninety degree day is on March 31st, so I’m not going to complain. The first week of may is the average first one hundred degree day around here. The bottom line is it’s going to get hot around here.

I was back to a two walk day today. The time used for the third walk of the last couple of days was taken up by reading. A few more snowbirds departed this morning. Big areas of empty sites are developing in the RV park. The folks on my front side will be leaving for Wisconsin some time next week. The people from Oregon on the other side are waiting for word that their destination in Oregon is opening. The New York people across the street haven’t figured out what there doing yet. There are a couple of RVs that consider this park home near me as well. I’m still planning on staying here another month. What happens then is still a mystery, but I’m researching a little bit everyday.

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