Not Planning

Wednesday April 15th 2020

It was another cloudless day in the desert. A gentle breeze and a cool start kept the day’s temperature from reaching super high levels. The temperature topped out around eighty late in the day. The weather trend is on an upward temperature climb.

Wildflower blossom of the day.

I was supposed to get up at 4:45AM this morning to make another Florida State Park reservation for next March. It didn’t happen. Sometime after breakfast I remembered that I what I should have done in the early hours of the morning. Nothing was available when I checked around noon local time.

Trying to figure out an alternative brought me back to thoughts about the uncertainty associated with future travel plans in the new COVID 19 filled world. I’m already reconciled to very different summer travel plans. I don’t know what they will be yet. As the country starts to open things up, I’ll start to figure out a plan. Who knows what will be possible.

For next winter I’ve been making reservations in state parks and other public campgrounds in two week increments starting at the end of October. If the virus necessitates isolation and closures next winter, these are very risky places to be staying. Particularly in Florida the State Parks seem to be the first things closed. I spent time today investigating private RV parks where I could spend a few months. I have a few possibilities, but the first two choices aren’t taking reservations until after they finish dealing with the current stay at home order. All of this planning is very much a waiting game.

My daily routine was again augmented with a third walk around the park. There were a few changes to the occupancy of the park today. A couple more RVs had departed and few more have been “abandoned” for the summer. The couple across the street from Alberta Canada brought in the slide rooms, disconnected the electric, water and sewer before driving away in their SUV. I don’t think leaving the RV here was part of their original plan, but some of the other unoccupied RVs are still here by plan.

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