Another Day, Another Canceled Reservation

Thursday April 9th 2020

The low pressure system that moved in to the area yesterday hung around today. It was a sunny day with very little wind, but the temperature only made it to around seventy. It was a very nice day even though the temperature was more than ten degrees below normal. The wind is forecast to return tomorrow.

Wildflower of the day.

I canceled my one remaining reservation during April today. I was waiting to see if it would be canceled for me, but it wasn’t. The KOA campground in Monument Valley is still open. The Navajo Indian Nation that surrounds the campground is closed to visitors and has long periods of curfew to combat a serious outbreak of the virus. I’m not even sure you can get to the campground or leave once you get there, but they are still trying to make a go of the campground. I not going to find out.

My next reservation that isn’t canceled starts May 5th at the Utah Lake State Park in Provo Utah. I can not see anyway that I’m going to keep that reservation. Currently, Utah State Parks are only open to people living in the same county. I fully expect they will cancel the reservation soon. If they don’t I’ll have to call and cancel around the end of this month.

I got in my two daily walks around the RV park along with lots of reading and TV watching. Any day that I don’t experience a sense of boredom is a good day. Today was a good day.

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