Over Thinking

Wednesday April 8th 2020

The first half of the day was calm and cool. The second half of the day was extremely windy. Right around the noon hour a wind out of the west arrived and continued to strengthen all day. The TV weather people reported 20mph sustained with gusts higher in Phoenix. I suspect the sustain wind was much higher here southeast of the city. The temperature in the early afternoon was close to eighty degrees, but it went down fast as clouds moved in.

Angry clouds to the north at sunset.

Most of the residents of this RV park have been here all winter. For some this has been their winter home for several years. When I arrived it was clear that there were a number of close social groups in the park. They would gather at one site or another for happy hour. As the messaged of “social distancing” set in the size of the groups got smaller and the distance between seats got larger. Now, a lot of the snowbirds have returned to their northern residences. Gatherings now take on a very different form. People meet in the middle of the roads and stand several feet apart and have their conversations. Other times people walking around the park will stop along the road at the curb and talk to the people sitting in front of or in their RVs.

One consequence of the long distance conversations is the volume of the communications. This morning in particular when it was calm I overheard several different discussions about why they were still here, when they wanted to leave and the obstacles associated with moving on. It was generally depressing to be reminded of the uncertainty and probable duration for needing to stay in place.

Arizona is now requiring people arriving from New York, New Jersey and Connecticut to self quarantine for two weeks. I guess it’s better late than never. Utah to the north is now requiring all people entering the state by air or road to answer a questionnaire that is basically a health declaration and visitation rationalization. What they will do with the information isn’t clear, but it’s one more indication of how the response to the crises is being met in different ways in different localities.

By mid afternoon, I managed to work myself out of the daily angst. I’m still healthy and things will eventually get better. The chance that I’ll be thrown out of here by the powers that be before I want to leave is low. The state of Arizona hasn’t shown any signs of wholesale closing RV parks. I may end up here for a month or so longer than I first expected, but time will tell. The inconvenience is nothing compared to the people fighting for their lives or the medical people supporting the infected in their battles.

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