A Couple of Chores on a Routine Day

Friday April 10th 2020

Most of the day was calm and cool for the season. The temperature got to around seventy similar to yesterday. Near sunset the calm was interrupted by a pretty strong wind out of the northwest. There is a slight possibility of rain tomorrow morning.

My routine was broken by a few chores and maintenance tasks today. After my first walk of the day I decided it was time to empty my holding tanks. When I arrived here almost three weeks ago, I didn’t hook up my sewer hose. It needed to be snaked along the ground under the RV and out the back to reach the connection. The utilities in this park weren’t well though out for RVs. After getting everything else done, I didn’t feel like crawling in the gravel. Instead of doing it the next day, I decided to test my tank conservation. The two seventy gallon holding tanks easily made it three weeks. I dumped today so I could take a long hot shower rather than the quick ones I’ve been taking most of the last three weeks. After crawling under the RV on the loose pea gravel, I really needed the shower.

On the maintenance front I got to work fixing the latch on my clothes hamper. The screws that hold the latch to the door were coming loose. Today I took the screws out and pumped some wood glue into the holes before resetting the screws. This should work, since the threads were still biting into the wood. If I need to try again I’ll use a match stick in the hole with the glue. Should everything else fail, I can move both sides of the latch over an inch into clean wood.

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