A Nothing Special Kind of Day

Thursday April 2nd 2020

Windy is the best way to describe today’s weather. It was a bright sunny day with lots of wind out of the west. The temperature reached the low eighties.

The haze is created by all the dust blown up by the wind.

Nothing broke my daily routine today. It was a two walk around the park day with a little cooking in between. I’ve given myself the challenge to stretch my food supply as long as possible, so I’ve been cooking things that will work for two or more meals. Today I cooked a beef stew. It isn’t the best meal for hot weather, but a little stew beef, carrots, onions and potatoes goes a long way. I still have more beef in the freezer. By biggest issue with stretching my food will be things like milk, bread and munchies. I’ll probably make another venture into the wild west of the grocery store long before my primary entrees are exhausted.

Today’s cultivated plant blossom.

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