Reservations: One Up, One Down

Wednesday April 1st 2020

Today approached the warmest day of the year so far in central Arizona. The temperature got into the mid to upper eighties. I haven’t heard if it reached the high for the year yet, but tomorrow is forecast to be warmer.

View to the southwest this morning.

I forgot to get up early this morning to make another reservation for next winter. Sitting on the travel sidelines waiting for the virus to work its way through the world and uncertain about when I can start traveling again makes it hard to remember to plan. It was afternoon before I remembered I needed to make my March 1st 2021 reservations in Florida. The high demand State Parks didn’t have any available spaces, but I found a couple of open sites in a nearby State Park. I booked another two week stay for next year. Hopefully, I’ll be able to keep it.

One of the local noise makers.

I built my whole travel plan for this year around attending the Escapee RV Club’s Escapade in the mountains of Wyoming at the end of June. Today I learned that they have canceled the event. I understand why it was canceled. I would have been a little concerned attending the event with other RVers from around North America in these uncertain times. Once the future becomes a little clearer I’ll have to find a place to stay and things to do for the newly available week. The longer things need to remain shutdown, the more change I’m likely to have to address.

Wildflower blossom of the day.

Today was a three walk around the RV park day. The additional walk was in the morning after breakfast. I didn’t linger over my coffee this morning. A couple of new RVs arrived today presumably to wait out the “Stay at Home” orders. There were also a few departures. The first of April represents the end of the snowbird season around here. The lure of home seems to have won out over any concerns about traveling north. I guess if they have a place to go, their only real problem is places to stop along the way and maybe law enforcement asking why they are on the road. I’m happy to stay put.

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