A Routine Tuesday

Tuesday March 31st 2020

It was a cloudy day today. The sun never found a gap in the cloud cover, but it still managed to raise the temperature into the high seventies. It was a comfortable day and dull at the same time.

Today’s wildflower blossom.

Today was very much a representative case of my new routine. Breakfast is slow and unfocused with the TV news playing in the background. Most of the morning news seems to be a restating of the yesterday’s COVID-19 news as if it had just happened. The state of Arizona releases its latest virus numbers in the 9AM hour, so the news people keep reminding the viewers the new numbers are coming. That makes the news program a combination of old news and hype for new morbidity statistics interspersed with cuts to the meteorologists doing the weather from their living rooms. Somehow having the weather forecasts done remotely is a way for the TV stations to encourage work from home.

The rest of my daily routine begins with a walk around the RV park around noon followed by another walk before dark. Between the walks its more TV, some reading and a little cooking. Today it even included a brief nap. I need to add a little variety and a few more elements to this routine.

I’m afraid these blog entries are going to get even more boring as the days and weeks go by, but I’m going to continue to write them. They are one thing in my current routine that is also part of my normal routine.

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