More Restrictions Coming

Monday March 30th 2020

The beautiful Arizona spring weather continued today. The high temperature was a degree or two above Sunday, but was still very comfortable in the seventies.

Wildflower blossoms of the day.

The state of Arizona issued a “Stay at Home” order today. It starts tomorrow evening. It seems to only close a few more business than those that were already closed. I think the order is more of a public perception issue than a serious step up in restrictions. The state was starting to get coverage for not having a “Stay at Home” order in the national press and the mayors of Phoenix and Tucson were calling on the Governor to implement stricter controls. On paper, there is more shutdown here than in a lot of states, but the mayors still want more controls.

This new restriction doesn’t impact me significantly. It does not cause the RV park to close. That is my biggest concern with the current pandemic countermeasures. I continue to worry about being without a place to park my RV home. As long as I’m parked in a safe place with some access to power and water, I’m fine. Social isolation is pretty much my way of life.

Closing RV parks and campgrounds is seen by officials as a way to discourage tourists from coming into an area. They not only represent a potential virus carrier, but also a potential burden on the local health care system. A compromise solution, in place in other areas, is to close the RV park to new arrivals. All of the big RV groups are currently reaching out to government officials across the country on the issues of full time RV travelers. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

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