Working on Next Winters Reservations

Monday March 23rd 2020

Today’s weather was nearly perfect. It was a bright sunny day with a light breeze. The temperature reached the mid seventies. The forecast for the rest of the week is not as good. Highs only in the sixties are possible the next few days.

For the second day in a row I was up before 5AM. Despite the uncertainty of my immediate travel plans, I’m still working on reservations for next winter in Florida. Yesterday morning I tried to reserve one of 4 available campsites at one of the popular Florida state parks for the end of February without success. This morning there was only one available site at that park so I attempted to reserve a site at another state park nearby. This one had three available sites, but is usually less popular. I struck out again. When I pushed the enter key at 5AM, it came back with “no inventory available”.

It looks like there will be more sites to choose from later in the week at both state parks. Once I get a reservation for two weeks at one of the parks, I’ll work on filling in the gap from my last reservation. I will probably need to reserve an RV site at a commercial campground away from the coasts. Making and juggling reservations is my least favorite activity associated with this life style. On a positive note, I did manage to cancel and get a full refund from the state Arizona for my next two week stay at the Dead Horse Ranch State park near Cottonwood that I’m not going to use.

After my failed attempt at making a reservation for next winter I went back to bed. Once I did get up, my day wasn’t very interesting. I took a couple of walks around the RV park and spent most of the day reading an Ebook with the TV on for background noise.

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